Best brands

I get a lot of brides when booking asking me which products I use and my answer is ‘different high end and professional makeup artist brands’

I do use a lot of Mac products (the ones I like) but not just those or I wouldn’t be an artist. Part of my job is to research and shop around for the best products.

Professional bridal make up application isn’t about slapping on the latest colour from your favourite brand it’s about long lasting, great coverage and make up that photographs well whether it’s from Mac or another great brand.

I love experimenting with new colours and textures and I’m also a confirmed shopaholic so it’s quite lucky I live on a small island where we are limited to what we have. Although that doesn’t help my bank balance when I leave the island 3/4 times a year as I go crazy!


Marie xx

    1. Thank you Hayley!! It’s a minefield out there so I try to keep it simple 🙂

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